VSA re-opens School Computer Labs

The VSA’s activities help learners to get back into their computer labs. Another recent example: Ntaba Maria Primary School has had a functioning computer lab for many years. Then, last year, the teachers went on strike for a long time causing many difficulties for learners and teachers to keep up with their work and duties. As a result, nobody had time to use the computers anymore – what a waste of a computer lab!

Also, computers don’t last forever and they need to be looked after, even when not used. Nobody interrupted the power connection, so a lightning strike destroyed some hard drives and the power supplies. Nobody even noticed. When the VSA approached the school and offered awareNet courses for the learners, the principal decided to take action again. Luckily it turned out that the insurance paid for the repairs.

In the mean time, Terri-Lynn Penney (read her own blog on awareNet) started teaching the learners about awareNet and organised a motivational speaker, Jason Lisher, a paramedic from Netcare 911. Hopefully next week, the learners will start working on the Health Promotion Project on awareNet. They are very much looking forward to the awareNet session in their revived computer lab!


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