Opening of the awarenet Learning Lab

This Wednesday we officially opened the second awarenet computer Lab! All the people who put in effort in establishing the lab were invited to share some cake and admire the progress. This Lab will serve as a learning lab to give a core group of school learners the opportunity to follow a structured program composed[…]

Programming course made in Italy!

Two weeks ago, we had the nice guys from the Fondazione Bruno Kessler, based in Trentino, Italy, teach our learners programming, using Blockly games.

Our working environment – the school computer labs!

One of the ideas behind the awarenet program is to better utilize the existing computer facilities at local schools. While the lack of equipment obviously is one of the key reasons for the poorly developed IT skills amongst the youth of South Africa, the lack of specifically trained teachers seems to be even more of[…]

3 Successes, 3 Challenges, 3 Opportunities

I was recently introduced to the 3-3-3 method of reporting about our work, which convinced me, so I am going to present our current developments to you today following this idea. 3 successes Over the years, we established annual awarenet projects that follow the school terms and provide useful knowledge to the learners. They motivate[…]

Donation of Laptop for Community Use

The Village Scribe Association Trust would like to thank Amy, Mary and Brandon Goodenough and Samantha Munro sincerely for the donation of their computers. They will be of great help for our community programme “awarenet”. They will be used as (portable) servers to provide Internet access to underprivileged learners in Joza-Grahamstown and for general awarenet[…]

awareNet at Arthur Mfebe Educational Centre, Cofimvaba

South Africa’s Council for Scientific and Industrial Research has brought together a number of government agencies, local groups and stakeholders for an ambitious project in Cofimvaba, near Queenstown in South Africa’s Eastern Cape. Goals include improving education, creating food security and building the local economy through agriculture and related SMEs.  The project is currently based[…]