Donation of Laptop for Community Use

The Village Scribe Association Trust would like to thank Amy, Mary and Brandon Goodenough and Samantha Munro sincerely for the donation of their computers. They will be of great help for our community programme “awarenet”. They will be used as (portable) servers to provide Internet access to underprivileged learners in Joza-Grahamstown and for general awarenet project work.


The awarenet programme was developed to increase computer and Internet use in underprivileged schools where hardware is available, but teachers are not skilled enough or overburdened with regular teaching duties. The platform gives learners the chance to experience peer-to-peer teaching and to learn how to effectively use social media. The projects, which include topics such as health, music, drama, sports and much more, motivate the learners to read and write in English. This year, we have also started to connect the learners to European learners to enhance communication and cultural exchange.

If you also have unused hardware such as computers or photo cameras, the learners would be grateful for a donation to enhance their multi-media project work. Please, contact us.

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