Awarenet program receives funding from North-South Bridges Foundation!

A new exciting awarenet project involving mobile learning has received funding from the North-South Bridges Foundation in Germany!

The funding is meant to support our core group learners in their quest for both digital competency and academic excellency by providing them with access to tablets and connected learning support. 

The North-South Bridges Foundation has graciously provided funding for 30 tablets in addition to funds for the expansion of human resources and running costs at awarenet.

The tablets will be preloaded with educational content such as apps, videos, study guides and previous exam papers in a variety of academic subjects. 

The use of the tablets will be made an integral part of the teaching of our core groups, complementing the use of the computers at our labs at the Joza Youth Hub. The funding for more mobile learning comes at an extremely important time as most learners only attend school two or three days a week, needing additional learning tools the other days of the week.

The funding will also enable to us to create a local network with digital educational resources connected to the South African curriculum which can be accessed at our premises and nearby schools. Any learner with a mobile device can thereby find these resources at their fingertips – without needing to buy data. 

We hope this funding from the North-South Bridges Foundation is the start of a larger journey where our community discovers the new exciting possibilities mobile learning offers!

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