Awarenet gets new tutors for core groups!

This year we made use of social media to recruit some volunteers who would assist us in tutoring our learners in the different subjects set out in their curriculum. We got more than 30 responses from interested individuals, a few locals and mostly Rhodes University students. At Awarenet we started our academic year on the 27th of January 2021, this was the original date as set by the Department of Education, which was later changed to 15th of February 2021. Our learners were very eager to start with their school work and were happy to get a head start on the academic year.
Some of our volunteers are going to come for face to face sessions and those who are not in Makhanda have specified that they are happy to do virtual sessions with our learners. Both methods are welcomed as we need to ensure that learners also get exposure to the different ways of teaching and learning.
 The volunteers will be asked to assist with all our core group learners, from grades 8-12 as they all require academic support. We have already started the tutoring program, below is a picture of one of our new tutors, Mzi Sebezo who is assisting some of our grade 8 and 9 learners with their homework. We are very excited about having these new tutors and also to welcome our new volunteers who will start later in March.

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