Awarenet visits local NGOs from eGqeberha (PE)

On the 18th of May 2021, Awarenet, alongside other NPOs from Makhanda visited fellow NPOs in PE, Masifunde and Masinyusane. Inkululeko, Access Music Project, Joza Reading Club as well as Aspire Psycho Social Support joined Awarenet in a tour of the premises of these interesting organisations.

At Masinyusane, we visited one of the local primary schools located in Kwazakhele where the Masinyusane team runs its Literacy program. This program focuses on both Early Child Development (ECD) and Primary school learners. Masinyusane also has an employment program where they hire, on a yearly basis, the youth of PE and train them to be facilitators in the Literacy program.

Our next visit was to Masifunde Changemaker Academy at Walmer township. Masifunde has a variety of programs of great interest to all the visiting organisations from Makhanda. We visited their computer lab, where they do academic courses and also their Montessori pre-school. They also run drama and choir groups which we were fortunate enough to witness live. It was exciting to see them practicing and witnessing the developing youth talent in Walmer township. Masifunde also has a Cafe which promotes healthy eating, we were also treated to lunch there  prepared by their out-of-school youth program which is aimed at the improvement of employability and skills development for school leavers and drop-outs.

The PE visit was a huge success, all the organisations gained a lot of insight which are useful to our work with the youth of Makhanda.

1 thought on “Awarenet visits local NGOs from eGqeberha (PE)

  • What a great concept! It’s inspiring to see EC organisations recognising each other and building a real community of learning and sharing.

    It would be interesting to learn the insights gained by the Makhanda orgs that visited Qgebs!

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