Awarenet Grade 11 and 12 Camp

The awarenet grade 11 and 12 core groups took a weekend off to go to educational camp at the end of May. The camp took place at the “Monastery”, an outdoor educational facility and spiritual retreat run by local Diocesan School of Girls at a former Anglican monastery.  At the camp the learners learnt to master new challenges, among other things they climbed up and down a 10 meter rock! Though scary, even those with fear of heights learned to face their fears, being safely fastened with ropes by a great crew from a local climbing group.  The learners also did a hike through the beautiful valley surrounding the monastery, enjoying the serenity of nature only 10 km away from the busy urban streets of their homes in Makhanda.      



In addition to the physical activities the learners were also tutored by Awarenet staff and volunteers in the subjects of Mathematics and Mathematical Literacy; subjects which can often be challenging and that many learners request additional help with. The peace and calm of the Monastery certainly made it easier to concentrate on the mathematical equations and formulas.   

As learners in grade 11 and 12 are at a stage in their life where they will have to choose further education at university or jobs of their choice they were also given a career guidance talk by Rod Amner, a lecturer at Rhodes University who is also the chairperson of the Awarenet Trust.  The learners bombarded Rod with a multitude of questions about university life and career opportunities, leaving the camp with a better understanding of how to proceed after their matric exams have been written.

Thanks a lot to DSG Monastery for giving us a discount for our stay and for the great climbing instructors and to the friendly staff at the DSG Monastery who took so well care of us!







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