Tablets help Awarenet learners during Covid-lockdown!

Our learners have found that the tablets we lend out to them have proven to be a great tool in assisting with their learning during these challenging Covid times.  The tablets have been pre- loaded with a variety of educational apps that can be accessed both on and offline. We have also loaded the tablets with educational videos and past exam papers which they can make use of when they study. Our core group learners are very excited that they get to take the tablets home and continue learning, despite schools being closed.
The tablets are also being used in our weekly sessions with the learners when we conduct lessons with them. To comply with Covid-19 regulations, we have decided to have the learners sit outside on the benches and use tablets for our lessons, instead of being inside the lab using computers. Learners enjoy these sessions as they find using tablets more fun, like using their own personal cellphones. The tablet program will continue even when schools reopen because learners find them very useful when they need to self-study at home.

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