Express yourself by scribbling on awareNet – with a message!

Most people think about writing posts and other comments when they think of posting something to their online social network. Many also post pictures or videos that they have seen somewhere else. But when have you lately created something on your social network?

The awareNet social network motivates people to consume less or to rather create more. Most of its users regularly take part in forum discussions or write blogs. But even if they do not want to write something, they have the opportunity to express themselves with colours, shapes and contrasts.

Currently, a number of schools are involved in the Health Promotion Project. As part of this project, they also look at their environment, which might look like this:

Using the scribble tool, which is integrated into awareNet, they can easily change the picture to their liking. The outcome is then automatically saved to their own galleries, which might look like this:

Other pictures look like this scribble spider and were inspired by Bea Beste and playDUcation.

We think this is a fantastic tool that offers so much more to learners. It turns awareNet into a truly different and meaningful social network!

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