awareNet connects SA learners with Swiss students

The awareNet network is expanding. Last week, a Swiss school joined and connected to Grahamstown learners. The school is called Gymnasium Köniz-Lerbermatt and is situated in Bern. Their teacher, Bettina Kambach, approached Madeleine Schoeman, principal of Ntsika SS, to find out about possibilities for online pen pal connections between their schools. This was a very lucky move, because Ntsika SS is already using awareNet since the beginning of the year, so we suggested to simply connect via awareNet.

Gymnasium Köniz-Lerbermatt is the newest and first European member of awareNet.

In the process of filling out their profile pages and getting to know awareNet, more learners from other schools in Grahamstown also became aware of the new learners from overseas and many of them sent friend requests and started chatting to them in real time. They asked each other questions about clichés and reality of their countries and discussed them in the forum. Others uploaded pictures of their surrounding or sent comments to specific activities. Everyone was very excited and eager to learn more about each other.

The next step will be to work together on a project. The topic will be brainstormed and discussed on awareNet by the members themselves. We are very excited about this development and are looking forward to the progress and outcome. If your school is also interested to join, please contact us. Everyone is welcome on awareNet!

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