Honours Student combines Drama with Web 2.0

Kids at school get into trouble, one day or another. The interesting thing about that is how teachers and learners deal with the problem and in which way they find solutions. Rosa Brandt, an Honours student at Rhodes University has found an innovative and very expressive way to show kids what kind of possibilities they have and that there will be a solution for every problem. awareNet is their platform, on which they discuss issues and portray their project using multi-media.

Brandt: “During the past weeks, I have been working towards getting the learners involved in using drama forms as a creative process and method of communication as well as making sure they are confident and comfortable with this. They have been exploring many dramatic techniques and games to engage in creative imagining. They have looked at the different roles they play in life, as well as roles they might like to play in the future and have come up with some interesting characters and stories through their exploration.”

Grade 9 learners at CM Vellem HPS during the awareNet drama session

In the next few weeks they will be working towards several scenes based on stories that the learners tell with the eventual aim of sharing some of these with the wider awareNet community. This will involve videos of the participants scenes and a space to talk about the scenes and an opportunity for those on awareNet to add something to the scenes.

We hope to gain a lot of interest in this extraordinary method of dealing with problems and finding a solution. Experts and awareNet form a great partnership for support. Contact us, if you are interesting in taking part.

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