Positive feed-back for awarenet: We do make a Difference!

Today, we have received a wonderful letter from one of “our” schools, CM Vellem Higher Primary School. This school has used awarenet for more than two years regularly and in a passionate way. They have committed teachers and an open policy, the learners are kind and polite and very, very motivated to learn and reach for the stars! They wrote us to say thank you and to describe how awarenet has changed the school and the learners’ thinking. Read for yourself:

“Dear Village Scribe Association,

we as C.M Vellem Health Promoting School wish to express our appreciation for the awareNet programme. It has made a  tremendous positive impact to our learners through this programme. Mrs Terry-Lynn Penney was able to  design  programme activities that made learners to open up about their personal challenges that they were not able to talk about ie Depression & Suicidal tendencies.

Terrie was able to facilitate for interaction with learners from other schools e.g. Victoria Girls High School and other model c schools.  Through their interaction they were able to expand their knowledge and they were able to get first-hand experience through outings, something that we as a school cannot afford eg  a visit to Makana Brick, and the participation in the awarenet Youth Fun Run.

Our English Teacher was greatly impressed with their improvement expressing themselves.  There was also another improvement in putting their thoughts in writing awareNet blogs and activities. It also improves their readings as they had to read others blogs and share experiences. Our school has greatly benefited from the programme and we would love to continue with the programme and that it could expand.

We also through the programme received 3 brand new blazers donated by V.G.  High School learners. We really appreciate the programme very much.

Yours  faithfully

V. Frank  (Life Orientation Educator)

N. Frans  (English Educator)”

We are overjoyed by this feed-back. This is what we work for and what we hope is happening at all the schools that work with awarenet and really engage regularly. We would like to hear more from other schools. Please, give us your opinion. And if it is not as positive, we want it, too, and then work on getting better together! 🙂


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