VSA at socialbar in Berlin

The VSA took part in the bi-monthly meeting of the socialbar in Berlin this week, an event at which talks are held and space for discussions are given. Participants came from the various fields of social work and fundraising. The VSA participated to find out more about the local scene and their view on and experiences in traditional and electronic fundraising using social media.

Socialbar’s motto is “online networking, offline movement” and their concept is “that [they] enable other people to build their own event in their towns (openness).” So, most people come to find out what the “social media hype is all about and whether it has any relevance for their organisation”.

It was a very interesting event and we had the chance to talk to the people behind fraisr – commerce with a cause. This is also a very interesting concept worth checking out. We might be one of their beneficiaries, depending on if we find and be able to persuade people like you to dig in their backyard and sell unused stuff – a very first world concept for people who want to do good, but don’t feel quite “rich” enough. It also triggers the question again whether donating is still up to date or – in the context of development in Africa – counterproductive. On the other hand, trading is truly in African spirit and fraisr probably the closest you can get to sensible support for African development through donations – if your donations go to the VSA. 😉

Thank you very much to all the volunteers from @socialbar. Looking forward to the next event in February.

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