A Masters Thesis about ICT in Collaborative Learning by an awarenet Champion

One of the awarenet champions, Mrs Funeka Jacob (teacher at Mary Waters High School) has recently started her Masters in “Investigating the Use of ICT in Collaborative Learning”. She is enrolled at Rhodes University and now researches how working in groups enhances teaching and learning, taking awarenet as an example.

Mrs Jacob is a very pro-active teacher and already got in touch with the VSA and awarenet in 2010 during an ACE Course for teachers at Rhodes University, in which awarenet was also used to further educate teachers in ICT and Internet use. She has been teaching how to work with awarenet during several projects, so her Masters is a logical consequence. We are very happy about this development and are looking forward to her research outcomes!

You can read a first blog about her research on awarenet. “My study will investigate the use of ICT in collaborative learning through awarenet as a social network. In awarenet learners interact with one another individually and also work in groups, locally and also across the globe. It has a potential to bring learners all over the world together in collaborative learning.”

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