VSA organised Donation of 2013 Diaries to 200 awarenet Learners

The VSA’s community coordinator Terri-Lynn Penney organised a diary drive at the beginning of the year 2013 with the effect that diaries were given to more than 200 awarenet learners. Here is what she says about her intentions:

“At the end of 2012, I realized that some of the learners that I teach awarenet, lack something, as to why they don’t always complete their homework or why homework isn’t written down. Speaking to two teachers at CM Vellem HPS, they mentioned to me that the learners don’t have proper books (diaries) to write their homework down or they simply just can’t afford buying them. And that’s the reason why most of them don’t complete their home work or don’t do homework at all. So after hearing this from the teachers, I decided my first project for 2013 would be to raise as many 2013 diaries as possible. The first thing I did was to ask the teachers and principle to write a motivational letter as to why they feel learners on awarenet each need a diary to write their homework in. The teachers and principles wrote their motivational letter and I then dropped it with businesses/people who I knew would assist me in this matter. I also explained to them why this was such a necessity at the schools were I teach. Well, I got positive feedback the first week of January when Makana Brick donated 200 Diaries towards my Diary Raise 2013 Project. Makana Brick will have their sticker put onto the diary before I hand them out to the learners. 35 Diaries were donated by Ismail Mohammed from the National Arts Festival Office. Thank you so much!”

awarenet users at CM Vellem HPS with their teachers and the principal Mrs Mene - and the new diaries!

awarenet users at CM Vellem HPS with Lunga Twaku and Colin Meyer from Makana Brick as well their teacher Ms Frank and the principal Mrs Mene – and the new diaries!

The diaries went to awarenet users (learners) at CM Vellem Higher Primary School, at Kuhliso Daniels SS and at Ntsika Secondary School. Another 150 diaries will be donated to our awarenet learners by Settlers City Toyota, soon. Thank you everyone for this wonderful cooperation for education and social development!

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