What did I take home @re:campaign (day1)?

This has been an exciting day. The VSA attended the re:campaign in Berlin. Day one was filled with presentations and talks, which gave me new ideas and motivated me to take the next steps that need to be taken to grow our German community.

  • Listen and talk even more to our potential members, engage them in discussions, then produce content and tell our own story (Betsy Hoover).
  • Use open transfer strategies to move the knowledge from South Africa to Germany, work on a concept for collaboration of the two VSAs (Katarina Peranic, Henrik Floor).
  • Use the YouTube Platform for non-profits to reach more people, have them become members and donate (Sabine Frank).
  • Produce a video with a story and a new concept (Film4Change) with a fresh vision!
  • Offer more to the volunteers, e.g. responsibilities and being part of a larger community (Hannes Jaehnert).


Who feels motivated and addressed by this? Who wants to be a volunteers for the VSA Germany? Contact me, we can work together and you will have your own field and responsibilities! 🙂 I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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