The NGO Profiles Campaign (South Africa)

The VSA is now listed on the NGO Pulse website as part of the NGO Profiles campaign, which aims to promote the work of NGOs in South Africa.

LogoNgopulseThe Village Scribe Association (VSA) was born from the vision of Anna and Ron Wertlen, to create jobs in the Eastern Cape through software and high-tech industry (2008). The VSA has gradually emerged through the doings of many of its stakeholders and trustees, taking part in research, prototype building, governmental and other exciting projects aimed at delivering technology sustainably to rural areas. Along the way VSA has learned that education is the key to development and jobs. Investment in equal education is essential to stabilise the political and economical situation of the country and create a climate where more jobs are created. VSA has seen that technology can make society more equal, but can also divide it. The education system in the Eastern Cape is under skilled and overburdened and desperately needs their technical help. A ray of hope in all of the darkness is that learners embrace technology and are open to new ways of learning. VSA harnesses their enthusiasm and turns it into knowledge.

They started the awarenet Programme in 2010. The programme includes an e-Learning and social media tool called awarenet as well as a community programme to fill this platform with life and make the programme sustainable. The platform offers a personal and networking space for learners and teachers, tools for blogging, online discussions and projects work, galleries to upload multimedia and creatively work with them. It contains accredited third party content such as Khan Academy videos, Siyavula textbooks, Geogebra, etc. Awarenet coordinators train learners and teachers in computer and Internet use. They show them how to integrate the described tool into their day-to-day work and teaching. […]

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