Who will awarenet users make Peace with?

Since 2011, the VSA partners with Peace One Day, an NGO that invented Peace Day (21st of September) and encourages everyone in the world to take part. We have encouraged more than 50 young learners to write lyrics about peace and rap them on Peace Day 2011.


We have recorded the learners and published the CD on Peace Day 2012.

awareNet Peace Song Collection CD_front cover

This year, we encouraged new groups of learners to sing and rap about peace. And we forwarded Jeremy Gilley’s question to them: “Who will you make peace with?” More than 50 young South Africans have given an answer in awarenet’s blog.


If you are interested in their replies, find here with whom they want to make peace with and what they expect to happen on Peace Day! We are very proud of the learners who have dared to speak out what they think and tell the world! Join our community if you like. Everyone is welcome.

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