About Open Ideas and Open Events

Some people might find all this excitement about openness pretentious and exaggerated. Perhaps it’s just a big hype. To me it makes real sense and adds to a great work experience, life long learning and it adds sense into what I do. There is real potential to change something in society, even if it is just a small drop. Here are some examples of how openness penetrated my life and work.

  • The awarenet programme is based on the free and open source platform awarenet.org. awarenet is designed to provide open and equal education to learners and teachers.
  • I believe in resource and information sharing. I do not loose anything if I share my knowledge, but I gain the opinions, assessments and input from other people, which in turn enhances my work and its output. Working in an open space like the social impact lab is a great chance!


  • I participated in the Open Education Handbook Booksprint on Friday 22/11/13 and I am looking forward to contributing to a handbook about open education and OERs (open educational resources) for people who need an introduction and motivation. The more people want to “copy” what we do, the better! 🙂


  • I participated in the Open Transfer Camp on Saturday 23/11/13 where spin doctors and the idea generation had a space to exchange their practices and experiences to help transfer good and working ideas with less effort. Open transfer is the answer to reinventing the wheel to often.

Openness opens hearts and changes characters. Both can have a great impact on society and your own life. What do you think? Where do you stand?


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