A video about the Weltwaerts Volunteers in the awarenet programme

This video shows how the German volunteers help us within the awarenet programme, what they learn during their year in South Africa and why we need funding.

The awarenet programme is designed to teach computer literacy to underprivileged learners as well as reading&writing and project work in an intuitive manner. We use an online platform called awarenet, which was especially designed to serve rural and peri-urban conditions and to enhance social development.

The volunteers describe their expectations, their work and how the year has transformed them. They are proud of the work they do and are of great help for the VSA and a huge motivation for the learners!

You might not be aware, but even volunteers come with costs for the organisation, so we ask you to donate or become a supporting  member of the VSA if you like what we do for young African and German people.

The volunteers are part of the German Weltwaerts programme and were sent by SAGE Net.

Please, support the volunteer programme! You can also go directly to betterplace.
Thank you.

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