Annual Easter visit to the awarenet Team

I have been on my annual trip to Grahamstown to see how things are going on site. It was fantastic to be back and meet my vibrant and motivated team. A lot of new ideas were discussed and I was very impressed at how organised and confident everyone was. I can safely state that the VSA never had the pleasure of such a dedicated and happy team before.

awarenet team 2016

from left to right: Richard Strickland (developer), Terri-Lynn Penney (learners trainer), Mcvay Boko (technical intern), Larissa Willy (marketing), Anna Wertlen (management), Kjetil Torp (teacher trainer)

We used the time to work intensely at various projects. We discussed the coming year, the awarenet projects with the learners, the accreditation of our teacher training, various fundraising ideas and awarenet enhancements. Coffee and rooibos espresso kept us alive.

awarenet team at work

Finally, we even managed to move the whole office from town into Joza, which means we are now permanently present in the Joza Youth Hub. Our own Internet access and a wonderful hub community helped us to take this important step.

VSA office move 2016

Office move the African way… 🙂

The team is very happy about the new office which feels a lot more cosy now, some even say it’s like home.

VSA office in JYH 2016

I agree to this and I would have very much liked to stay longer. It was hard to leave, but it makes working from Berlin all the more exciting and pleasant knowing that everything goes so well in Grahamstown. Keep it up and thank you very much!

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