The awarenet Health and Fitness Project


Ntaba Maria PS doing a fitness session


The Second term of the school year  started of well, we introduced the Health and Fitness project at the schools were I teach awarenet. Schools partaking in the project is C.M Vellem HPS, Good Shepard PS, Ntaba Maria PS, Khulitso Daniel SS. In this project we teach the learners about Healthy eating habits the good in food and the bad in food. We have also taught the learners the benefit of exercises by playing sport and doing different forms of exercises for the different muscles groups in the body. Once a week we do awarenet and once a weeks we play sport.On awarenet we have been working on different Forum questions about healthy eating habits out favourite sport as well as writing Blogs on fitness.Learners have also  been doing research on different forms of exercises they enjoy doing, uploading  photos on awarenet and writing a Blog about it. The next few weeks till our Soccer and Netball Tournament we will get fit and ready for the Big  Sporting Tournament day in June.


Good Shepard PS playing a netball match

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