A new volunteer


my name is Lukas. I’m 18 years old and I’m from Greifswald, which is a rather small but very beautiful and lively city at the Baltic Sea, in the very northeast of Germany. Well, actually I’m living in a tiny village nearby, called Guest. But it is Greifswald, where I went to school until last weekend, when I got my certificate and had my matric dance.

That's me :)Right now, I’m enjoying my last few weeks at home, before I’m going to fly to South Africa on the 29th of August, to join the awarenet team in Grahamstown. I’m slowly starting to get more and more nervous every day, but since I had my preparation seminar in June, I’m also really looking forward to that day. I had an incredible time there, learned a lot more about South Africa and my voluntary service, and met all my wonderful fellow volunteers of SAGE Net, most important of which Chiara, who will be my partner at the Village Scribe Association. Together, we also had some wonderful days at Anna’s place in Berlin, where we met Ron and Strix, as well as getting some more details about awarenet and what we might be doing in Grahamstown.

To give a little bit more of an impression of myself: I love playing the guitar and I my passion are bicycles. I also really enjoy reading, hiking, kayaking and exploring the endless realms of the Internet. What else… Well, that’s probably about it.

I’m very happy to be on board and I hope I will be of use!

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