VSA AGM 2016 – minutes

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  • date: 05.08.2016
  • time: 14.15 pm
  • locations:
    Martin-Luther-Str. 78, 10825 Berlin, Germany
    Joza Youth Hub, Crn Ncame and Sani St, Grahamstown, 6139, South Africa
  • connected via Skype

1. Anna welcomed the present VSA members.


  • Anna Wertlen
  • Larissa Willy
  • Kjetil Torp
  • Mcvay Boko


  • Antje Hering
  • Christoph Flügge
  • Judith Flügge
  • Sabine Wiekenberg
  • Amanda McPhail
  • Jan Baekeland
  • Ron Wertlen
  • Antonio Gulli
  • Eva Hert

2. Anna gave a financial report about all three Village Scribe Associations in Germany, South Africa and Belgium.

3. The South African VSA was successfully audited by the Tax House in Grahamstown.

4. The actions of the management board were formally approved for the business year 2015 (Germany and Belgium) and 2016 (South Africa).

5. Sabine Wiekenberg stepped back as vice-chairperson of the VSA Germany. Dr Eva Hert was nominated for the position.

Sabine Wiekenberg, Judith Flügge and Ronald Wertlen transferred voting rights to Anna Wertlen.

Eva Hert was unanimously elected to be the new vice-chairperson of the VSA in Germany (without a dissenting vote).

6. Anna gave a detailed report about all projects in 2016.

7. Anna presented the roadmap for 2016/2017.

8. There were no issues to discuss.

9. The meeting was closed at 14.55pm.

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