The VSA is goood!

Goood means that you can now cancel your contract with your current cellphone service provider and change to goood, a new service provider that offers affordable service and wants to change the world by supporting non-profit organisations that are engaged in social impact projects like us, the VSA.

If only 1% of the Germans would change to goood, 40 Mio Euros could be transferred to NGOs during the next 5 years, and the cell phone user is the one who decides to which organisation!

How does it work? 10% of your monthly fee to goood is transferred directly to your organisation of choice. We have chosen one of our betterplace projects as a long-term project that can be supported by you. betterplace and goood partner in this amazing initiative.

Our awarenet programme and our volunteers will be supported by you while you do not need to pay any extra money of your savings, because goood is also clever! We are looking forward to your goood move of the year 2017! 🙂

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