awarenet at Public Accountability Event

awarenet was one of the participants at the Social Accountability Knowledge Distribution Event held in Noluthando Hall in Joza township. The event was aimed at giving the local community information about both governmental and non-governmental services offered in the local community. It also strived to conscientise community members about the available channels to use when lodging complaints or enquires about local municipal services.

The event was coordinated by the Public Service Accountability Monitor, an institute associated with Rhodes University which strives to monitor the performance and accountability of different branches of government.

awarenet kept a stand at the event and Kjetil held a short presentation in front of the audience about the awarenet Open Lab. He highlighted that the Open Lab is a space for the whole community where through the use of the internet they can be better informed about their rights and opportunities. The lab is open to everyone on weekday afternoons and the whole of Saturday.


Click the link below to see some impressions of this day:



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