Rhodes students fix awarenet computers!

Sudo Soc, the student computer society at Rhodes University, lent awarenet a hand in maintaining the computer labs at Joza Youth Hub. With the skilled use of an air compressor the team from Sudo Soc delicately cleaned the dusty insides of the well-used awarenet computers without damaging a single processor, hard drive nor motherboard.

SudoSoc busy cleaning computers; From left Carlton Mpofu, Liam Hobden, Mojela Moloi and Richard Were.

Sudo Soc also helped us install a larger hard drive on our server, thereby making it possible for us to save bigger files for our offline educational content such as Mindset Learn videos covering the South African CAPS curriculum. 

Richard Were doing some sudo commands on our server

The computer interested Rhodes students will come back on a regular basis to help maintain the lab and also participate in some of the awarenet clubs. We look forward to continue strengthening the bond between local university students and our awarenet learners and staff! 

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