New volunteers are coming in September

awarenet is supported by german volunteers every year. This september two new ones will arrive to Grahamstown.

There is first Annika. She has just finished her formation for being an assistant in media design. She loves to take photographs and is happy to listen to rock music. Annika grew up in a small city in the west of Germany close to Cologne. She was also an active member in the scouts and enjoys to go camping with her group.


“I want to go to South Africa because I want to explore the world. Learn new things, learn from different people and learn for myself and grow on these experiences. I hope I can get to know the country, the people, the culture and explore the nature. I am really looking forward to the person who will come back. Because I think she will be a different person. A person with a different view of the world and with more practical knowledge.”
Annika, 20 years old from Netphen (Germany)


Secondly there is Meike. She worked 2 years in a media house in Dresden. This is a city in the east of Germany. In the media house she teached how to produce movies and radio to school children. Before she studied culture and media education in Ludwigsburg. Meike loves to move and explore places. On weekends she is hardly found at home because she is probably hiking somewhere in nature or visiting friends in nearby cities. Also Meike loves to listen to Rock music.


 “I want to go to South Africa to improve my professional experience in media work. I am super happy to learn from new locations and people. In my opinion media education needs to be more supported because it helps a lot to understand the world.”
Meike, 25 years old, from Hamburg (Germany)


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