Better together – Outdoor Education at Hobbiton

Awarenet learners are sitting in school having their noses in books. After school they come to our computer lab and spend their time looking at a screen. We believe in the importance of media education, since the underprivileged youth in South Africa has way less screen time than their peers in other countries. However, there is something incredible valuable about the outdoors too. The organisation Hobbiton Fairewood has created an educational program based on teamwork and group dynamics.

Voices of Participants:

I would say Hobbiton has a unique way of making it easy and showing the importance of working as a team and working towards the same goal. People should go there because their activities make the body more active than usual. It escorts people from their usual space, making it easy for one to adjust to different situations. I think their activities are fine the way they are, but I think it would be better if they also offered hot shower water even in the morning. The motivation and purpose of the trip was to improve our team work and communication skills. My favourite part of the trip was when we faced our first challenge because to me that was the first time we agreed on something as a team. I have nothing else to say other than thanks for the nice weekend. I think it would have been best if we had left in the morning on Friday so we would have been able to check out more other activities. 
Achuma Swartbooi, Grade 10, Khutliso Daniels

What is so unique about Fairwood (Hobbiton camp) was that we had enough time to spend with the nature and also interact as peers etc…because there was a lot of teamwork and we were able to bond together. People should go and visit the Fairwood (Hobbiton camp) because they will actually get an opportunity to relax their minds and be close to nature instead of having to live with electronic devices or gadgets all the time. They will definitely also get to spend quality time with their family or friends if they go there with them. They should also offer indoor games and show people how the wild animals live there. The motivation of the trip was to make us move out of our comfort zone and learn how to make life outside doors. My favourite part of the trip was when we made a log bridge as a group and that bridge that we made was stable enough to carry us all as a group. My least favourite part of the trip was when we as a group had to escape from a prison at the same time. It was too difficult and very exhausting. You should influence all the core group learners to come with us because without them there was a part that felt missing.
Aqhamile Yose, Grade 10, Ntsika High School

It is a natural, peaceful and clean space. It is a very nice place and good for people who love nature. I was sad the Zipline wasn’t open. The motivation for the trip was teamwork. I liked the prison game were all of us took part and it was about trusting each other and carrying each other to the next level. Hiking was very tiring but I will probably implement the lessons I learned there.
Unathi Royi, Grade 10, Khutliso Daniels



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