Awarenet learners at the Rhodes Career Day

This month our grade 8 core group visited the Career Day at Rhodes University, hosted by our partner organisation Inkululeko. The event featured several university employees and students presenting their experiences and useful information regarding specific subjects as well as university life in general.

The first part of the event consisted of short speeches given by members of the SRC (Student Representative Committee), students counsellors and the anti-harassment-director at Rhodes University. The students were informed about different aspects to consider whilst choosing the subject they aim to apply for, with a particular emphasis on doing what one enjoys, being aware of the requirements of a specific subject and possessing the skills necessary to be successful in it. They were furthermore told about the financial challenges a student might encounter and the funding opportunities to minimize those and, in view of the current crisis regarding violence against women, received information concerning sexual harassment and its counter-measures. 

In the second part of the afternoon the students were divided into groups and rotated around the hall, now being able ask students of different faculties questions regarding the subject they will potentially study themselves. Our German volunteers, Phillip and Paula, participated in this and explained the job opportunities of a computer scientist, as well as our society’s dependency on advancements in software engineering and artificial intelligence, which is directly related to the agenda we promote through our programs at the Hub. 

Finally, after a long day and much input,  the students were provided food and given the opportunity to reflect on what they had learned during the day. Contrary to what a few of the speakers experienced, the students were provided an opportunity to raise their awareness about what they are aiming towards, instead of merely focusing on finishing their matric and being uncertain of what to do afterwards, which leads many into choosing the subject they might have no passion or required capability for. The event was described by many as “helpful” and even “eye-opening”.

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