My journey with awarenet

I am Thanduxolo Royi, the new awarenet intern. My main task is to supervise the awarenet Open Lab and some of the computer labs at schools where awarenet is active. I am also an karate athlete, who has had the opportunity to represent my country at international competitions.

My journey with awarenet began in 2013, when I attended grade 8 at my  school CM Vellem. My English teacher Ms Frans was the one who introduced me to awarenet as a computer project we could do after school hours. In 2015 I started grade 10 at Nombulelo High school. The awarenet project was not working with Nombulelo at that time, so I decided on my own to continue being part of the awarenet project by going to the awarenet computer lab at the Joza Youth Hub each day after school.

When the awarenet Open Lab was launched in 2017 I was offered a stipend as a lab supervisor which was great, as I could use the extra money to pay for expenses I had in connection with karate tournaments. I enjoyed working in the Open Lab, helping children and community members do homework, school projects and CVs. In 2018 I volunteered to help out in the Open Lab which suited me well as I was doing grade 12 at the time and could use the Open Lab as a study room for myself whenever I was alone there.

In August 2019 I was very excited when the awarenet manager offered me a place in the team as an intern.  I’m really happy to have the chance to work with the awarenet team and hope to continue my journey with them for a long time.


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