Re-opening of Open Lab

The awarenet Open Lab reopened on the 15th of October 2020 after having been closed since the beginning of the lockdown at the end of March 2020. All the kids in the Joza community who use our open lab for school-related work were really happy to hear the good news that the awarenet open lab was reopening. When we reopened we could no longer allow the maximum of 15 users in our labs because we have to follow strict covid-19 regulations. Now we just allow a maximum of 6 learners in each lab, every second computer is unoccupied so the users sit 2 meters apart from each other. However, this did not sadden the kids they were happy and excited to be back at our computer labs.

Our stats show us that grade 7 learners have been the grade attending the Open Lab the most since the reopening. Unfortunately we had to close the open lab a little bit early for the holiday this year, on the 4th of December,  as our province seems to be entering the second wave of the pandemic.

The kids tell us they really enjoyed their time at the open lab the period it was reopened and say they can’t wait to be back next year. 

We hope that the state of the pandemic allows us to open in January 2021 after the school holiday – welcoming school learners who have started afresh in new grades.  


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