Grand Opening of Video Portal to Syracuse

Awarenet learners celebrated the opening of our video installation, connecting Awarenet in Makhanda to ITC High School in Syracuse, in US over more than 13.000 km. The excitement and joy to connect to another continent via the portal gave a great kickoff for the global learning project.


The technical transmission is based on Zoom, but instead of the tiny boxes on the screen characterizing the pandemic times for so many, our portal offers a big mirror-like format, enabling an experience in true-to-life dimensions. Learners from both sides shared insights into their everyday life by going into vivid group discussions. The immersive fascination of the format became clear when the learners shared musical impressions in real time and real size – dance performances from Syracuse’s side and South African songs by Awarenet’s learners. 

We are happy to see Awarenet’s learners enthusiasm which we also experienced from Syracuse. Based on this positive experience, we will build up a learning partnership and explore the possibilities of intercultural learning through modern techniques.   

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