Rejuvenating Rivers awareness event

On the 9th of September 2023, Awarenet and Inkululeko co-hosted a Rejuvenating Rivers awareness event at Vukani location. Learners from our after school programs as well as the community of Vukani Location were all invited to join the event. The purpose of the event was to inform the community about the project as well as to ask for their assistance in cleaning the river that we chose to adopt which is the river that runs through the area down Belmont Valley.

We also invited the Ward 13 councilor to the event as he helped mobolise the community members. The crowd was also addressed by Ms. Helen Hollerman who has a passion for the river rescue project. Issues such as water and sewage problems were addressed as well as the impact the river has on Vukani residents. The event was more of an information sessions were discussions were had to note issues as well as come with solutions on how to help solve those issues.

Residents were encouraged to go back home and inform their family members and also ask them to join us when we clean the river every second Saturday at 9am.

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