WRO Robotics Competition

On the 5th of August, Awarenet took 9 learners to a World Robotic Olympiad competition at Kingswood College. The competition serves as a qualifier for the national competition in Gauteng which in turn qualifies teams for the international Robotic Olympiad.  The best of the Awarenet robotics teams took part in this competition which was the first official one for our learners – hence they were all very excited. 

The teams they competed against came from Makhanda and other towns in the Eastern and Western Cape. In order to win the teams had to show their coding skills by programming the robots to move in different objections on a mat and move objects in the process.                


Unfortunately, our learners couldn’t make it to the national competition, but one team managed to get a bronze certificate for the high score they got as a team. We are looking forward to host more in-house competitions in October for all our learners who are part of the Awarenet robotics in the 5 schools we currently teach the robotics and coding programme.








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