Awarenet matric class outing

On the 7th of July 2023, Awarenet took its Matric class for a day outing to eMpekweni beach resort. The purpose of the trip was to reconnect with our learners as we had not really seen them regularly this year. The learners had expressed that they have their normal classes daily, afternoon classes as well as catch up classes during weekends so they barely had enough time to come for sessions or even focus on other things except classes.

Awarenet then decided to organize a day trip were we had alone time with learners at a nice location were we discussed future plans as well as had some time for fun activities. All learners spoke about furthering their studies next year so we were helping them with university applications. Three staff members were there assisting the learners with various applications at most of the South African Universities that had not reached the application deadlines.

After the applications were done, we had a nice buffet lunch at the resort’s lounge and thereafter learners were free to partake in any activity that they were interested in. Some of the activities included swimming, canoeing, volleyball, squash as well as playing snoeker. All in all it was a very productive and fun filled day and the learners enjoyed every minute of it.

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