awareNet is improving on a daily basis!

awareNet is the VSA’s social networking software, developed together with eKhaya ICT. Think facebook and Wikipedia in one, especially designed for underprivileged schools in South Africa.

  • The most exciting technical aspect is that even schools without Internet access or very low Internet quota can use it. Nevertheless, they can connect to any other school in the network, even oversees. (How?)
  • The most exciting tool of awareNet is the possibility for collaborative content creation which means that a group of learners from various schools can work together on any project that they like. (Examples)
  • The most exciting collaboration is with Upstart, the Paper for the Youth be the Youth. Outstanding projects are published in the supplement of the Grocott’s Mail, Grahamstowns local newspaper. (Example)
  • The most exciting community engagement is performed by Thozi Ngeju, our community coordinator who goes into various schools in Rhini-Grahamstown to teach the learners how to use a computer, the Internet and awareNet. (More about Thozi >>)
  • And most exciting of everything is that awareNet is improving on a daily basis thanks to the learners and Thozi who give their  feed back and Richard Strickland who enhances awareNet according to their needs. (The technical details will follow in the next blog about the technical background of awareNet.)

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