Movie night on Youth Day: “Alive with Possibility” for awareNet users – Call for donations!

The VSA has recently started a partnership with Symphonia, an Organisational Change practice. They have sent us this most exciting documentary called “Alive with Possibility” featuring world renowned leadership experts Ben & Roz Zander, endorsed by Desmond Tutu and Wendy Ackerman. We are going to make this documentary available for all awareNet users, introducing it during a movie night, followed by an awareNet session.

“The purpose of this documentary is to remind South Africans that this is indeed a country that is alive with possibility. We sometimes forget this, as we are bombarded by downward spiral stories wherever we go. The documentary reminds us that it is the people of South Africa that makes this such a special place. We can choose moment by moment whether we are going to continue to focus on what is NOT working (and get more depressed and disillusioned) or we can focus on what is working and enroll others in a conversation of possibility.” (Symphonia)

We think that this documentary is indeed very special and will help motivating young people in finding their way of life with a positive spin. We are currently organising a movie night on Youth Day (16/06/11) at Mary Waters High School in Grahamstown, followed by an awareNet session, during which all spectators will document their thoughts and emotions that arose during the show in a collaborative project. The documentary and the project will be available online for all other users afterwards for comments and possible further activities.

Symphonia generously provides the documentary for free and the VSA provides equipment and assistance during the show. The Mary Waters High School opens its doors of the show room and the computer lab during a public holiday. Now, we call on you to make a small donation to finance transport and snacks&cool drinks for 30 learners on the day. Altogether, we don’t need more than about R1000. Please, help us and contact us now (leave a comment or send an email or make an anonymous donation).

Thank you very much!

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