awareNet at e-Learning Africa 2011 (ELA11)

ELA11 awareNet Presentation

ELA11 awareNet Presentation

Ron Wertlen travelled to Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania, to present awareNet to an audience of educators, government employees and industry practitioners at the 6th e-Learning Africa Conference on ICT for Development, Education and Training at the Mlimani Conference Centre. The Friday morning slot, French interpreter and large venue ensured that there was a large mixed audience. Afterwards there was a lot of positive feedback on the topics of the talk: what we achieved, philosophy of awareNet and way forward. The conference was a great success in terms of the amount of African presence and interest, and we are sure this is going to help awareNet adoption across the continent.

As individual projects initiated at ELA11 begin to be realised, and two are expected in June 2011 already, we’ll be reporting on them here.

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