VSA attended Pre-Launch Party of exPressive imPressions

We were very proud to be invited to the celebration of a new publishing house in South Africa called exPressive imPressions. Erika Wertlen invited a group of creative minds to network, talk about ideas, watch exhibitions and performances.

A quick blurb about exPressive imPressions:
Their goal is to encourage writers and artists of a variety of disciplines, as well as the public, to become actively involved in writing, reading, and other forms of artistic expression through web-presence, event-hosting, and web and print publishing.
They envision a future in which Southern Africans from all walks of life will have a platform to tell, hear, read or see their stories in such a way that is accessible to them, without being restricted by the divides of the past.
Their values are Freedom of Expression, Creativity, Collaboration, Artistic Freedom, Promoting Unity in Diversity through Shared Experience, Poetry, Prose, Art, Music, Soul. The true heart of South Africa!

We are very much looking forward to a stimulating partnership. We hope to use each other’s strength, network, content and creativity to promote education, literacy and freedom.

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