awareNet Rappers live on Radio Grahamstown

What an excitement again!

Today (15/09/11 at 5pm), a few of our rappers gave an impression of their competence at the Youth 4 Youth Show on Radio Grahamstown while we announced our awareNet Peace Day Celebration.

We also used the show to inform about the work of the Village Scribe Association, about awareNet and the Theme Song Project. The DJ Khaya alias King of Cool was very impressed and loved the idea and the outcome. He was also a great personality who managed to calm down everyone and made us feel very comfortable. Enough to really rap well and live! Well done Mary WAter High SChool and VG High School!

On Thursday 22/09/11 we will be on air again (5pm) to present the winners and chat to the judges. Do not miss it!

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