Vega Brand Challenge Helping VSA Communicate

Vega Schools’ Annual Brand Challenge can help the Village Scribe Association communicate better! Pending selection by the Vega Brand Challenge — we hope we are worthy of this honour!

How does it work? A multidisciplinary student team, tutored and coached by veteran communication experts, constructs a brand strategy for awareNet and the VSA. Included are new designs for the Association’s image and for awareNet, making it a more effective education tool.

Win-win: through awareNet and VSA, the student team can experience first hand effects of their ideas on a wide audience. Further, VSA partners based in Cape Town will soon be able to introduce the students to awareNet sessions. Everyone benefits from the interaction, including the young township users of awareNet!

Vega School is an educational brand of The Independent Institute of Education (Pty) Ltd, a private provider of tertiary level education. They specialise in creativity and innovation, and their graduates are highly sought after designers, promoters and marketers, especially in the new media sector. As they put it themselves:  “Vega aims to graduate a new breed of brand thinker; one with the expertise to generate innovative and sustainable brand ideas that solve 21st century problems.”

We know that to reach the next level, the Village Scribe Association needs to communicate its work, ideas and plans better to the public. Reaching the public is a tough thing, and Vega can help.

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