awarenet promotion by Vega Design School

Do you have any idea what this is? This is a cootie-catcher. Our new playful promotion for awarenet – made by Vega Design School in Cape Town. Visit us at the Talking Heads Session at Online Educa Berlin (29/11/12, 2.30-4.30pm) and find out more about how awarenet is educating socially responsible, collaborative minds… and what Read more about awarenet promotion by Vega Design School[…]

The new awarenet logo

Vega’s new branding strategy for awarenet also includes a new logo and tagline, which I am going to present here today: Here is some background to the smallfry team’s ideas: The logo is 75% visual and 25% words. Simple icons make it easy to understand what the brand is about. Colourful icons represent the playfulness Read more about The new awarenet logo[…]

A new Brand Strategy for awarenet by Vega

For the past 4 weeks, the smallfry team of Vega Design School has worked on a new brand strategy for awarenet. On Monay 05/11/12 they presented their outcome to the eKhaya ICT team and the VSA trustees and members via skype. You may have noted one of their suggestion already in the title: awarenet needs Read more about A new Brand Strategy for awarenet by Vega[…]

Vega Design School enhances usability of awareNet

As part of the next Brand Challenge, students of Vega Design School will work on awareNet‘s brand, design and usability. The VSA is very excited about this partnership as Vega produces excellent work and very motivated students. awareNet really needs a bit of assistance in this regard. To give you an idea: There will be Read more about Vega Design School enhances usability of awareNet[…]

Vega Brand Challenge Helping VSA Communicate

Vega Schools’ Annual Brand Challenge can help the Village Scribe Association communicate better! Pending selection by the Vega Brand Challenge — we hope we are worthy of this honour! How does it work? A multidisciplinary student team, tutored and coached by veteran communication experts, constructs a brand strategy for awareNet and the VSA. Included are Read more about Vega Brand Challenge Helping VSA Communicate[…]