The new awarenet logo

Vega’s new branding strategy for awarenet also includes a new logo and tagline, which I am going to present here today:

Here is some background to the smallfry team’s ideas:

The logo is 75% visual and 25% words. Simple icons make it easy to understand what the brand is about. Colourful icons represent the playfulness of the brand and are easily recognised. The tagline “play to learn” was designed to be short and inviting; and with utmost economy of words it captures everything awarenet is about. The tagline strikes a balance between playfulness and awarenet’s serious ambitions. The anthropomorphic BenuiaGot BK BT font brings the tagline to life.
A strategic direction included changing the name from awareNet to awarenet, all in lower case for ease of reading as well us indicating a subtle undertone of simplicity.

The colour red indicates passion and represents love. The colour was recommended for awarenet who owes its existence to a passion and love for uplifting others. The colour green express life and a respect for the environment. The colour purple is often associated with creativity and calm. The colour blue represents the youth, truth and peace.

We think they wonderfully got the point here and are very happy with our new logo! You will see it implemented soon! 🙂

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