A new Brand Strategy for awarenet by Vega

For the past 4 weeks, the smallfry team of Vega Design School has worked on a new brand strategy for awarenet. On Monay 05/11/12 they presented their outcome to the eKhaya ICT team and the VSA trustees and members via skype. You may have noted one of their suggestion already in the title: awarenet needs to be simpler and easier to understand, hence the new spelling awarenet instead of awareNet.

After they have completed a lot of background research the smallfry team suggested a number of great improvements and ideas how to reach more people and ultimately funding, and they gave us a new identity that is much more easily comprehensible to its potential users. They include e.g. purpose, essence, vision, values, personality, a mantra and a tagline, visual and verbal language, of which we would like to point out the wonderful new external tagline Play to Learn and the internal mantra Never stop reaching out, which is exactly what we believe in and feel!

They further suggested the use of a cootie-catcher to engage people with our brand in a fun and interactive way and they designed a new logo, which will both be presented in a separate blog. The package came with a great new positioning statement awarenet is a social networking learning initiative, that encourages personal growth by learning through play – and is accessible to those without constant internet connectivity and the brand message Play to create a better Future.

The smallfry team has developed tremendous value for awarenet and we would like to thank them wholeheartedly as well as the Vega Design School that made this collaboration possible. We will put this new strategy to good use and implement your ideas for a better future of our youth.

The smallfry team of Vega Design School

VSA Trustees and awrenet Researchers

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