Vega Design School enhances usability of awareNet

As part of the next Brand Challenge, students of Vega Design School will work on awareNet‘s brand, design and usability. The VSA is very excited about this partnership as Vega produces excellent work and very motivated students.

awareNet really needs a bit of assistance in this regard. To give you an idea:

  • There will be a greater use of icons and images, because many users are not comfortable with text.
  • Students will be identifying where users get stuck and help at those points with messages, icons, videos, pop-ups, etc. and especially searches – to find things in the heap of content that awareNet users are creating.
  • We will be suggested a strategy how to reach the people we want to reach, e.g. teachers, NGOs and schools.
  • Students will draft a concept for marketing materials for schools and conferences (Poster, Flyer), YouTube videos and much more.

We are very much looking forward to the outcome of this challenge, which will take place in August and September 2012. We can promise you that awareNet will be even more successful than before. It will help NGOs and other teachers to work much better and more independently from us, so that the programme becomes more and more sustainable.

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