IkamvaYouth on awareNet

The VSA is proud to announce that IkamvaYouth in Cape Town is now going to introduce awareNet to all their learners. Ikamva is a South African non-profit organization focused on the empowerment of youth through education, e-literacy training and career guidance. In 2012, IkamvaYouth accommodates 743 learners from grades 8-12 across 7 branches at an effective cost of around R5000 per leaner.

Anna and Ron Wertlen traveled to Cape Town last week and gave an awareNet workshop at their center. The stuff was very excited and can already picture their learners communicating over awareNet, writing blogs and discussing their issues and problems. This will be a great opportunity for learners from the Eastern Cape to get in touch with learners from the Western Cape, which often seems so far away, impossible to reach…

Thank you, Liesel Bakker, Marion Petersen and Joy Olivier, for your enthusiasm and motivation. We are looking forward to your activity on awareNet!

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