An Invitation to all Teachers of the Eastern Cape to join the awarenet Community!

An email from a teacher has reached my inbox last week. It was written by Nompumelelo Frans of CM Vellem Higher Primary School in Grahamstown. The VSA works with the school for more than 2 years. It is one of he most ambitious and organised schools in our network.

“Dear Anna, I asked for your email address from Terri-Lynn Penney [awarenet coordinator], because I wanted to give you feedback on the impact of the awarenet programme on our learners. The group that Terri works with this year was struggling a lot last year. Constructing simple sentences was very difficult for them, let alone reading. Through the awarenet programme there was gradual improvement, as Terri gave the activities that involved reading and responding to what they read. She also challenged them by giving them topics to think and write about. This has improved their expression and ability to write their thoughts down. This year writing creatively is no more much of a challenge, except for those who are severely intellectually challenged learners. Thanks to Terri for that improvement. I hope the VSA will continue to work with us, with people who are patient and dedicated as Terri. awarenet trully makes a difference in the literacy problem we have in our province! Thank you so much, I really appreciate the programme. N.G. Frans, Teacher (from C.M. Vellem School)”

CM Vellem learners

I would like to make my response public:

” Dear Nompumelelo,

thank you very much for your letter with the very informative and encouraging feedback. We are so very happy to hear that our awarenet programme does make a difference at your school.

We work with all our strength and heart that the programme will continue and become sustainable. A very important step to make it sustainable is your own step into the programme.

We, Terri and the Village Scribe Association want to transfer all our knowledge to the schools and the teachers about how to use awarenet effectively. The schools and the teachers are allowed and must be able to use awarenet independently of the VSA, so that the teachers are empowered. The awarenet platform is for you and the learners. You are allowed and encouraged to use it whenever and however you need it for your own teaching. It is a free platform and open for all teachers.

Please, help us to make the programme sustainable by joining as many of Terri’s awarenet classes as possible and by learning as much as possible about awarenet. Also, ask your fellow teachers to join the awarenet community. As we work together, the community will become bigger and stronger and will help even more teachers and learners in the Eastern Cape.

Thank you for joining the awarenet community. We are looking forward to continue to work together with you.

Warm regards,


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