The awarenet Peace Song and Music Video 2014

We proudly announce that the awarenet Peace Song and Music Video 2014 is finished, recorded, shot and cut. The outcome is really wonderful. We are very happy with it and happy for the learners, the HipHop stars of Ntaba Maria School in Grahamstown.

The learners were trained by the Village Scribe Association and Sonic Art Studio, the backing was produced by Corinne Cooper, Sean Devonport and Tsukudu Moroengthe, recordings were sponsored by Rhodes University’s Music and Musicology Department and the video was produced by Photoelectric Productions‘s Deon Pietersen, who kindly commented on his work:

“One of the reasons I wanted to take part of filming the music video for Ntaba Maria children is that I wanted to help give them a chance to showcase their amazing talent with making music, give them hope for a future where they will use their talents to make something for themselves.

I wanted to create something very natural and harmonious. No artificial light was used and everything was shot outdoors giving the footage a warm light playful tone. Seeing that it was all about bringing peace into the world I felt that the piece should be more about kids taking a stand and delivering a message. Sometimes keeping it simple can be more powerful than showcasing a complicated story.

The shoot itself was a very exciting experience. Seeing the kids light up and get excited as I said “And Action” put a smile on my face.  They also pitched in some great ideas which showed that they wanted to make it their own.

The outcome of the video is a simple one but I personally feel it sends the message across to the viewer. Keeping it simple with the natural setting and mixed in with footage of kids having a fun time brings a little hope and happiness to the viewer.

It was a real pleasure and honour working with and for the awarenet programme and bringing an amazing opportunity to the children of Ntaba Maria School. I’m sure they will remember the experience as a positive one and I hope that they continue to pursue their talents and become great artists.”

The Ntaba Maria learners blogged about their experience. They learned a lot, loved the experience, felt “like real rappers” and had “the moment of their life time”!. 🙂

We are now going to produce CDs for all the learners involved in the awarenet Peace Project. 5 schools were recorded, and we would like to reward every single one of the kids for their motivation and commitment. If you would like to support us, you are more than welcome to donate to the project here. Thank you very much!
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