VSA’s move into the Joza Youth Hub and revived collaborations

We are very happy to announce that the VSA will finally move into the Joza Youth Hub in Joza, Grahamstown. Most of the other stakeholders are already well established and offer their services to the underprivileged youth, so we are looking forward to collaborate with them in a great and useful space, closer to the schools that we already work with.

Joza Youth Hub

We will have a second office in the Hub, which will be perfect for dropping in in between sessions to prepare for the next one. Like that we will have to travel a lot less. Further, we will use the communal computer lab to reach learners that do not have their own computer lab at their school, but showed interest during our Open Day.

Our first collaboration will be with Upstart. The young journalists will get an introduction to awarenet and online collaboration from us. From then on, they will produce their newspaper articles as awarenet projects. They can discuss them in the forum and even store their media in the awarenet galleries. The editor will have convenient access to their content on awarenet, so that hand written articles do not have to be typed out any longer.

We are very excited about this great development and are very much looking forward to this and further collaborations between the different NGOs in the Joza Youth Hub.


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